About Uniform Dollars

Important: Due to shutting down of my hosting provider ( at June,4, 2009 I loose access to my server, and all database :( please check it - these accounts may be lost :( Please re-register your accounts to continue working with my sites. I'm very apologize for this inconveniences. is a new partnership program which offer to you to promote 10 HQ uniform fetish sites.

Our sites uses as billing great AVS system - Adult Empire. Using AVS technology means much better ratio and rebills than on usual porn sites.

You'll earn up from $14-30 from all signups and rebills generated by visitors you sent to our sites. And you can sell many other cool sites participating in the AdultEmpire program!

To help to promote our sites we offer you 100's of free hosted picture and movie galleries with your own recip codes, various banners, text descriptions for sites & FHG.

How to start?

1. Join Unifrom Dollars now - only yours email and username are needed.

2. Signup with Adult Empire Revenue Program.

3. Get the free hosted and movie galleries, banners & text links link in members area

4. Earn big $$$.

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